Are you debating whether or not to install an automatic door? You definitely should, and here’s why.

1. Customers prefer automatic doors.

Research indicates that consumers place a high value on automatic doors, with nearly 99% expressing a preference of automatic doors over manual doors. The most important places that should have automatic doors, according to consumer surveys are:




Shopping Malls

Retail stores

Assisted living facilities

Office buildings

Housing authorities 

Religious institutions

Public Buildings


2. Options galore.

There are dozens of automatic door options available, in many different styles, sizes, colors, finishes and designs. You’re not locked into those automatic doors you see at your local grocery store.
Options include:

Fully automatic swinging doors (sensor activated, one way, faster opening & closing, shorter open time)

A.D.A. compliant automatic swinging doors (Wall switch activated, slower open & close, longer open time)

Automatic folding doors

Automatic sliding doors

Automatic revolving doors


3. Convenience.

Your guests will appreciate not having to open a heavy manual door, particularly if they are toting children or parcels, or have accessibility challenges.

As one survey respondent put it, “Let’s design not just for the handicapped, but convenience for all. Where possible, especially with large volumes of people, this should be understood.”


4. Improved public perception.

It might seem strange, but the presence of automatic doors can help your visitors see you as a leader in your industry. Automatic doors create a perception that your business is state-of-the-art, which can help subconsciously justify higher prices for products and service.


5. Ease of Use and Maintenance.

Today’s technologically sophisticated automatic doors are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards. 


6. Cost-Benefit Relationship.

Automatic doors are much more economical than you might believe. Be sure to factor in product life-cycle and energy savings when you’re crunching the numbers. Automatic doors that are installed and maintained correctly will pay for themselves.


7. Energy Savings.

You might think installing an automatic door will cost you big when it comes to energy consumption, but that’s not the case. Automatic doors open only when necessary and close completely every time, which effectively reduces wasted energy and significantly lowers annual heating and cooling costs. 


8. Safety.

When properly installed and regularly inspected, automatic doors provide consistently safe access to your property.


9. A.D.A. Compliance.

The Americans with Disabilities Act may require your business to install an automatic door to achieve ADA compliance. Millions of Americans are disabled in some way that makes opening a manual door cumbersome at best and impossible at worst. Automatic doors provide safe, convenient access for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

If you’re considering adding an automatic door, New England Automatic Door (N.E.A.D.) can help you choose the right automatic door for your needs. Call us today at 1-844-Doors-NE (844-366-7763) to discuss your plans.